The Day the Priming Stopped (Novel)

“Life is one big priming experiment…” – Wray Herbert

The future seemed so bright for humankind…

…but then the m-bots came.

The Day the Priming StoppedIn 2025, the m-bots released a thought-virus that destroyed humans’ responses to metaphors. At first it was just undergrads in psychology experiments; but the virus spread to all of humankind. The Day the Priming Stopped tells the story of Dago and his fight, devastating loss, and eventual triumph against the m-bots. Follow Dago as he reconstructs his social psychology lab from the ashes the m-bots left, searching for the Lost Manuscripts of the Proceedings — and enough money to buy a subscription — to find the secret to restoring metaphorical thought.

The Day the Priming Stopped (Shangri-La University Press) takes the reader on a startlingly original and haunting journey, confronting them with fundamental questions about the self: What if the pillar on which all human thought is founded crumbles to dust?

But this powerful work is more than mere speculative fiction to enthrall and terrify generations of readers. The Day the Priming Stopped is a wake-up call for 21st century psychologists considering a career in replication. It explores a truly dystopian, not-too-distant future where unscrupulous psychologists play God and destabilize the course of human history: Priming stops — and the world as we know it collapses.

Free sample chapters
Chapter 18: Fire and light Chapter 18: Fire and light

Dago shares with his clan the story of The Happening, awakening the Scientist still within him.

Read chapter 18!

Chapter 27: The Publishers Chapter 27: The Publishers

Dago and Youngest visit the Fortress of the Publishers on a quest for the article that holds the key to reversing The Happening.

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Chapter 31: The Experiment Chapter 31: The Experiment

Dago supervises Youngest’s first experiment as a real scientist.

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Chapter 40: Flair in the Air Chapter 40: Flair in the Air and Epilogue

Dago and Youngest face the methodologists at last.

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An emotional roller coaster — like taking a hot shower clutching a cold stone, all while striking a power pose!
– The Introspection Observer

I was unsure I liked the book, until I realized I was reading it during a bumpy plane ride. A solid read on solid ground!
– Embodied Examiner

A harrowing look at a possible future if the bullies get their way. 5/5 stars
– Tomorrow’s News Today

Do not read with the lights out. You will not see the point.
– The Daily Prime




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