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Your efforts to raise awareness of priming have been inspirational; we hung your picture in our labs so we can look up to you!

Lois Sanborn (on Twitter)

Your products have changed my life. Evidence-based AND fashion-forward!

Hayley Jach (on Twitter)

I nearly gave up on the usefulness of psychology but Dr. Primestein restored my faith in this science completely.

Bernd Porr (on Twitter)

I totally endorse Dr. Primestein and his great products.

Neurobollocks (on Twitter)

Wow! I’m convinced. Dr. Primestein’s Ego Booster is the real deal. Try some for yourself!

Michael Inzlicht (on Twitter)

This website is pretentious and so terribly smug that whoever is behind it most definitely loves the smell of their own farts.

L. H. (via email)

I don’t normally endorse commercial products but I will make an exception in this case. Everyone should buy these!

Sam Schwarzkopf (on Twitter)

Well, they asked for psychology’s non-stick frying pan, and Dr. Primestein is here to deliver the goods!

Christian Hummeluhr (on Twitter)

I always wondered why primates were called primates, until I met Dr. Primestein – thanks!

Jon Roiser (on Twitter)

Thank you Dr. Primestein for the products that restore my battered faith in social cognition, social psychology, and behavioralism in general.

Jimmy Ivory (on Twitter)

Help control your primal urges with these fashionable anti-priming tinfoil hats… Thank you Dr. Primestein

Gordon Bill (on Twitter)

Products based on top-notch psych science.

Jessie Sun (on Twitter)