What is psi-chology.com?


“Psychology is love, psychology is life”

With psi-chology.com, Dr. Dorian J. Primestein has taken on the important mission to educate the public about the most amazing science of all – the science of human the mind: psychology.

Psychology is a colorful discipline that includes many subfields of study, such as motivational psychology – the science of the forces that guide our will, neuropsychology – the science of the workings of the human brain, cognitive psychology – the science of mental processes, social psychology – the science of human interaction, and positive psychology – the science of human excellence.

The aim of psi-chology.com is to synthesize a century of psychological research into a series of meaningful applications and products, engineered for nothing less than to send you on a journey inward, to be in touch with yourself. To enable flourishing and prosperity. To make the world a better place.

Check out what psi-chology.com has to offer and let the power of psychology exalt you!